Android Weather

Weather is a tricky bastard – it’s changing all the time, so it’s better stay updated. In the other hand it is very fascinating, especially when is so mighty. Already Crowded House was singing about taking “weather with you” and nowadays smartphones help a lot with it. There is default weather widget in Android phones, but there are also plenty of better developed apps. One of them is Android Weather widget from Weather Services.

The widget offers wider range of functions and options to personalize the app. There are over 20 themes available for this widget; there is possibility to change colors, fonts and so on. Except basic personalization there is also possibility to select designed maps, units, names etc.

Weather widget is available in two versions – basic and pro. What’s the difference between them? There are more themes, webcams and some features available in pro version. The widget cost 1,39 eur, so price/quality ratio is very good. Widget provides views from tens of webcams, what helps to verify weather in selected place.

The widget is available on the producer’s website as well as in Android Market.