Do you like music? Do you like music a lot and you cannot imagine driving without radio on, tidying flat without music on, or jogging with flowing directly to your ears? Well, you are music freak. Me too!

And now imagine simple situation – you are listening to your favorite radio, and great new song is playing. What to do to find it later, or simply not to forget this tune? I had this problem hundreds of time – I was trying to write down some lyrics, make some notes, but it isn’t always working. The best solution is Shazam – one of the greatest widgets for Smartphones of all times. Just press “Use Shazam” and the app will recognize the song and add it to your library.

Shazam is free or paid in pro version. For everyday use basic version is enough. The app of course needs Internet connection. You can find it on the producers website or in Android Market.

Take a look on a short video introduction to Shazam: