If you like to write, or make all these little notes about everything and anything. You have to get one of these diary apps!

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When I was a little girl, I remember my cousins (male) making fun of a cousin (female) of mine on her habit of writing everyday stuffs in her personal diary. I grew up with the believe that only stupid girls keep diaries. After becoming a young adult, I realized that I should have made one for myself when I was in my teens.

Benefits of writing in diary/journal: 

1. It’s like a virtual friend to whom you secretly let your heart out without anyone knowing about your actual feelings. This helps in feeling much lighter and better than before.

2. You get to have a record of all the stuff you did.

3. It helps in flashing back your sweet memories.

4. The details about the consequences of bad experiences gives you a lesson about not doing the same stupid stuff again.

5. It helps you to let go of…

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