One of cooler apps I’ve found…

If you like to write, or make all these little notes about everything and anything. You have to get one of these diary apps!

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When I was a little girl, I remember my cousins (male) making fun of a cousin (female) of mine on her habit of writing everyday stuffs in her personal diary. I grew up with the believe that only stupid girls keep diaries. After becoming a young adult, I realized that I should have made one for myself when I was in my teens.

Benefits of writing in diary/journal: 

1. It’s like a virtual friend to whom you secretly let your heart out without anyone knowing about your actual feelings. This helps in feeling much lighter and better than before.

2. You get to have a record of all the stuff you did.

3. It helps in flashing back your sweet memories.

4. The details about the consequences of bad experiences gives you a lesson about not doing the same stupid stuff again.

5. It helps you to let go of…

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It is never easy to keep yourself in shape. For lazy people like me especially. One of the best thing I’ve found in Android Market was RunKeeper. This is just one of the most amazing apps!

RunKeeper it’s a great widget for tracking your run, but also other sports, e.g. cycling or swimming. It measures distance, time, peace, calories and how these elements are changing over your run. Another cool thing is that the app is drawing your run on a map, so you can see or plan your track.

As its Andorid Market site says “RunKeeper also provides audio cues, customized interval workouts, manual entry for treadmill and other cardio equipment, integrated RunKeeper FitnessClasses and no advertising.”

All your data can be stored on, you can share and comment on it with your runmates. You can also share it e.g. on Facebook. Great stuff! If I would be giving starts or other rates, for sure it would get the highest one.


Android Weather

Weather is a tricky bastard – it’s changing all the time, so it’s better stay updated. In the other hand it is very fascinating, especially when is so mighty. Already Crowded House was singing about taking “weather with you” and nowadays smartphones help a lot with it. There is default weather widget in Android phones, but there are also plenty of better developed apps. One of them is Android Weather widget from Weather Services.

The widget offers wider range of functions and options to personalize the app. There are over 20 themes available for this widget; there is possibility to change colors, fonts and so on. Except basic personalization there is also possibility to select designed maps, units, names etc.

Weather widget is available in two versions – basic and pro. What’s the difference between them? There are more themes, webcams and some features available in pro version. The widget cost 1,39 eur, so price/quality ratio is very good. Widget provides views from tens of webcams, what helps to verify weather in selected place.

The widget is available on the producer’s website as well as in Android Market.




Do you like music? Do you like music a lot and you cannot imagine driving without radio on, tidying flat without music on, or jogging with flowing directly to your ears? Well, you are music freak. Me too!

And now imagine simple situation – you are listening to your favorite radio, and great new song is playing. What to do to find it later, or simply not to forget this tune? I had this problem hundreds of time – I was trying to write down some lyrics, make some notes, but it isn’t always working. The best solution is Shazam – one of the greatest widgets for Smartphones of all times. Just press “Use Shazam” and the app will recognize the song and add it to your library.

Shazam is free or paid in pro version. For everyday use basic version is enough. The app of course needs Internet connection. You can find it on the producers website or in Android Market.

Take a look on a short video introduction to Shazam:

To have a smart phone

There is revolution in phone market currently going. Do you remember phones 10 years ago? Well, I do, they were very simple, offering just basic options like texting, calling and alarm clock. Not much. And nowadays? You brand new, shining smartphone is waiting to feed him with widgets which basically can help you or entertain you in any possible way. The blog will help you to find creme de la creme from hundreds of thousands of widgets available on the market. So keep tuned on SmartWidgets!